All our wines are, first and foremost, an expression of the vineyard. This mantra is at the core of our vineyard sourcing and winemaking philosophy since our foundation. We have developed long-term relationships with family owned vineyards who share our passion in growing grapes and who take a sustainable long-term view to the farming of the land. We create wines that are reflections of their provenance and showcase the imprint of hand on the soil.

A large number of the vineyards from which we source can truly be termed ‘ancient vine’ - the Luvisi Vineyard dating back to 1908, Canard Vineyard planted 1877, Frediani Vineyard planted in the 1950s, and the Monte Rosso Vineyard dating back to the 1880s. Combined with more recently planted and highly acclaimed vineyards, such as the Dutton Vineyard in Sonoma, means that through our wines you have access to incredible grapes that are true expressions of their place.

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